How to Pick a Seed Keyword for Use in Keyword Tools

Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.

Wealth Affiliate will get you started right in marketing on the Internet.

Picking the right seed keyword can make all the difference when it comes to using keyword research tools. Your results will only be as good as your seed keywords, so finding the right one is essential to getting the keywords that will work best for your search engine optimization or pay-per-click campaigns.

Here are some tips for finding the right keywords for your business or informational website.

Make a list of relevant topics.

Take some time to sit down and make a list of words that you would search if you were looking for businesses or websites like yours. This doesn’t have to be difficult, this is just the start. Pull out a pad of pen and a paper and just brainstorm. Start with the most relevant word (like the industry or niche that your website falls into). If you are failing to come up with different topics, just think about what your website is for and how you want people to find it.

Free associate.

Once you have a few words, just start free associating. Coming up with a list of words or concepts that directly relate but are not exactly the same is the best way to get a keyword research tool to give you a wide variety of keywords to choose from (which is what you want with both a SEO and PPC campaign).

Involve your friends, family, or employees.

Send an email out to your friends, family, or employees and ask them to email you back with the first word or short phrase that comes to mind when they think about your business or website. This is a great way to get words or phrases that you might never have thought of.

Read through all of your words and pick five or six that seem the most relevant.

You don’t want to approach the keyword tool with a hundred different seed keywords. It will be suing these keywords to generate suggestions, so you want a few, basic concepts that the tool can use to bring you lots of different suggestions that are relevant to your business. Don’t pick five that all have the same root word, i.e. don’t choose, “blogging,” “blogging for money,” and “blogging for fun.” Choose synonyms and analogous words, instead.

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