New:100 Actionable Insights To Increase Online Sales

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This is a new program to help you monetize your website. Getting traffic to your site is a major concern but there are other important factors too. You want to take action to get your site up to snuff.

money treeBy that, I mean getting your site to pay you back for all your hard work. Now your site must be worth visiting. If people drop in and don’t stay, you wont be making any money so you need to draw them to your site but after they get there, they must find something of value.

Making sales pitches does not work very well. People who are searching the web are looking for something. What do you do when you search the web? Well, that is what they do to. And they use keywords to do it.

It is good to use keywords that are the ones buyers use. To find them, just look at the suggest function when you go to Amazon or ebay. Tour right one word and a number of suggestions come up below your entry. These suggestions are what buyers are using. Now you can use Google suggest but know that Google always has there interest up front, not yours.

Another great place to get great keyword suggestions by the thousands is (or DMOS) I always use the JAAXY keyword tool because it is not dependent on Google and it was designed for internet marketers. You can do 30 free keyword searches for no cost. WordTracker has good features too and they have a free tool (link follows). A short term run at WordTracker is low in cost.

Wealthy Affiliate has a free keyword tool and you can join for free for a lifetime if you like.

Now a keyword search starts before you write you content. Then you right good useful content that relates specifically to that keyword. If you don’t, you have defeated your self.

money to burnOnce people trust you and what you put on your site, you will be able to influence them to buy your products for product on vendors sales pages. You lead them to the vendor sales pages. That is were the selling is done. You Do Not Sale, you encourage.

Once you have a good site that people like, then other ways to monetize our site are much more effective.

Watch the video on 100 Actionable Insights To Increase Online Sales (view mobile) Click Here!



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