Newsletter For April: Internet Business Tool Center

Internet Business Tool Center

Newsletter Number 042122 April 2012

10-Day Free Access to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has changed so muct that those who havn’t seen the new format should go take a look at it. You will see the Free Tutoring in action as members bring up the problems they are having. Members still have direct access to Kyle and Carson but you will see them often right on the front page. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for four years and next week I will start my fifth year. I’m 80 years old but I’m still learning. Enjoy your visit. The offer is on from May 1 to May 7, 2012. After that date, contact me for access as a member will then have to invite you.

CLICK HERE For YOUR 10-Day Access

JAAXY Keyword Tool a Big Hit

The JAAXY Keyword Tool developed by WA has some strong features for users. The tool is now by subcribtion only but that will change for Wealthy Affiliate members as they in the future will have access to this tool as part of their membership. It is particularly good for affiliate marketers because it is designed for them, even finding affiiiate programs for specific keywords. It also give more accurate information as to competition or competive sites. I love it. You can give it a try for FREE. Just Click Here to try the JAAXY Keyword Tool!

Changes at Google

Google continues to change its algorithms to cut the crappy sites out of their listings. Many sites have been removed and every site seems to be threatened. You must make sure that you have significant accurate content and that you link to and from quality sites. Articles must point to a relevant content site and that site must point to more good content. Google is just protecting their image as a site where you can make a keyword search and find exactly what you are looking for.

Changes at AWeber

AWeber is giving more help to mailing list marketers. I assume that GetResponse and the other list management sites are doing the same thing. I suggest that you follow your list management company for good information to build your business. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION About AWeber!

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