Tool of the Week: Linking Techniques

logo2Here is a summary of a good article by Jon Gall of Search Engine Watch on linking told us at WAU by Meredith from Texas:

“1. Promote through social media
2. Contact anyone featured or mentioned in the post
3. Leverage relationships
4. Utilize paid promotion (depending on budget and content — could include things such as paid tweets, Facebook ads, etc.)

• Identify audiences who will appreciate your content
• Identify sites where that audience spends time
• Identify pages on those sites where a link would make sense
• Contact the webmasters of those sites, informing them of:
o The fact that your content exists
o The value of your content to their audience
o The suggested page where a link would make sense
o A request for feedback regarding the content
• Follow up with webmasters as necessary

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Thank you, Jon Ball and Meredith.


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