What is JAAXY?

JAAXY 1JAAXY is a keyword search tool developed by Wealthy Affiliate University. The purpose of the tool is to give more accurate results than other search engines and to be geared toward those who are affiliate marketers on the Internet.

Figure 1: Shows the results for “mules” in JAAXY search. Related keywords are to the left. Keywords are listed along with the number of monthly searches and the estimated traffic if you are on the first page of Google.


Figure 2: QSR is the number of competitive sites which is best under 300. KGI gives you a green light for a good keyword choice, an orange light for one not so good, and a red light for a very competitive keyword you do not want to use. The closer the SEO Power is to 100, the more productive your keyword will be in articles and post and blogs, etc.



Figure 3: Gives help to finding a domain with the keyword in the domain. Only .com, .org and .net domains are productive for general use so people stay away from other endings. I do have one .biz site.




When you search for keywords, define the purpose of the keyword. If you are looking for information of mules that is different for information on buying or selling mules. And what kind of mules are you after, shoes or animals. You need to pinpoint what you want.

For examples: Digital Camera will not find you buyers. However Canon XEE2Z Digital Camera will bring you buyers because they know exactly what they are looking for.

You can good get ideas from eBay and Amazon, etc., for specific keywords used by buyers.

Saving Keyword Search Results

JAXXY allows you to save your keywords to an existing file or to a new file. You can easily download files in text or tabulated (Excel, etc.) form.

30 Free Searches on JAAXY

Just click on the heading for your free searches.

JAXXY Affiliate Program

When you become a member of JAXXY even thought the monthly or annual cost is low, you can become an affiliate and easily earn your cost and then some. I do!


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