Work at Home: Finding the Time

These are tough times for the unemployed and for those underpaid or working more than one job just to get food on the table.

When I was a boy, I asked my mother why there were so many cut marks on the kitchen door. I wish I still had that door so I could show you. doorShe told me that my dad was out of work for two years. We were in the Great Depression and when Dad was out of work he threw his jackknife into the door. It was pure exasperation because Dad had been a hard working farmer, rancher and was running a lumber yard when the depression hit.

Dad finally got a job on the WPA as an accountant. Later our neighbor, a former opera singer at the Met, gave him a job in her office when she became City Clerk. Then Dad went into politics, always suffering from “must have a job” paranoia. So he became an elected official and never worried about work again. In fact he was able to give many friends, relatives and strangers jobs.

It is the Great Depression Right Now for Too Many

Some folks have lost their homes,others are hanging on to their home by a thread. Many think that if they could work at home at least part time, they could make ends meet, perhaps later being able to earn enough money to work at home full-time. They could dump those second and third jobs.

There are advantages in working at home:

  • No commuting expense
  • Less cost for clothing
  • No childcare expenses
  • You can work in your pajamas
  • You determine your income
  • You have no boss
  • You have your own business

Can you think of other reasons?

One is that you can set your own hours.

You can get much of your work done before the household stirs and after the kids have gone to bed.

Finding Time to Work at Home Part-time

I find that many trying to make a living or partial living at home at Wealthy Affiliate University have a hard time blocking out time for work at home. I suggest that if they can get up one hour earlier and go to bed one hour later and grab a few hours on the weekend that they can find about 15 hours each week. This is about one-third of a 40-hour-a-week job.

Now that is enough time to earn some of the expense money you need for your family. It is all a matter of setting up a schedule and sticking to it.

Some folks tote their laptops or other devices that can use the Internet. They can work on breaks, lunch hour or when they are in the mall waiting for the spouse and kids to finish shopping.

It is all about passion. You must find an area of interest that you live. Then you will find the time to do it.


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