How to Make Video on YouTube

First Things First: An Overview on Video Making for YouTube

This video is pretty long.  It will give you a perspective and help you avoid pitfalls.

Using the YouTube Video Editor

This is an excellent review showing you how to use the FREE YouTube Editor. I have heard that some folks don’t like it. I can’t see why not. It looks pretty powerful to me.

Free Video Editors

Windows Movie Maker

I have made a lot of video with this free software that is on computers using Windows. It has many short comings but you can make a pretty good movie if you have good content to add. You can record your mug while talking and that works fine.

I have  tried other free editors but had problems with one I won’t mention. There is little tech support for free editors so if you get into trouble, You Are On Your Own, Buster!

For Windows free editors here is a good article:

I’m pretty cheap so I don’t like to pay too much for software. I have tried a few of the lower cost ones. I think I have two on my computer.

What I Have Settled On

How much you like and editor depends on you:

  1. How easy is it for you to learn how to use an editor?
  2. What features do you want?
  3. Can you get technical support.

I use Movavi Video Suite. I bought an add-ons  which did not work. It was found to be obsolete which was to convert PowerPoint to video. I was given a partial refund. Why not a full refund is beyond me. T

The screen shot part of my Movavi Suite software didn’t function on my computer. We couldn’t get it working so Movavi sent me an alternate version which works fine. This is not a problem with most computers. Mine can be ornery.

Movavi Video Suite is much better for me than Windows Movie Maker. They have good technical support. I therefore recommend it as a low-cost alternative to more powerful software.

Best Professional Video Software

Here is one of many sites recommending professional video making software:

A Few Pointers

  1. Don’t be a slob if you are appearing in your videos. A suit jacket might be in order for men.
  2. Use a good digital camera. A low-cost one is fine as long as it takes video.
  3. Get a decent microphone. You can use a head set but it looks quirky.
  4. Have good lighting. Have it it hit you from three points, left, right, top.
  5. Use a backdrop if your room looks cluttered or distracting.
  6. Use a tripod to hold your camera steady. Be able to connect sound to your camera as you will be away from the camera’s mike. Consider a camera with a mic port.




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