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Start On Your Trail to Success Today!

Start On Your Trail to Success Today!

Let’s take a hike, a hike to success. Leave your money at home. You don’t need it to start. Our trail will take us into an Internet business where we can earn, with time, a significant income. Here are the points of interest on our trail but CLICK HERE FIRST:

1. Getting Started: Kyle is our trail guide. He gets us going!

2. We obtain a domain name. We obtained a website.

3. We organize our website.

4. We learn how to create a scalable, friendly site.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.

Stay Away from this Guru. He will drain you dry.


5. We take a break, catch up with others and head on.

6. We began to write content for our site.

7. We get our content ready for the search engines.

8. We write a product review on our site.

9. We learn to leverage content.

10. We put our ideas to work.

All of the above training is free.

Build your website and get going!

Build your website and get going!

There is no cost to you except for the cost of a domain if you choose to buy your own domain and the cost of hosting if you decide to host at the site other than Wealthy Affiliate.

If you want to go on to Phase 2, you will need to become a Premium member. Cost is much lower than any college course and by the time you have finished the first 10 lessons, you should’ve earned plenty of money to pay for an annual membership which cost only about half as much is if you pay monthly.

How to Pay for Your Membership

Wealthy Affiliate has to affiliate programs for their own products. One is for their membership program and the other is for JAAXY. If you are like me, these two programs will pay for your annual membership.
Here are the differences in the two memberships:

And Remember, You Will Never Walk Alone! Ask Elvis!


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