Wealthy Affiliate Open Education Project

For the four (4) years that I have been a member of the Wealthy Affiliate Community, I have seen many changes but none quite so dramatic as the current Open Education Project. The owners of WA, Carson and Kyle know that they are not the only ones who know Internet Marketing and how to make money on the Internet. They realize that some of the top money makers are not interested in helping others to learn the ropes. So, they are rewarding any member who wants to contribute for the time it takes to prepare a tutorial or help that can be used by other members.

Also, the forum is continually active. You can join the chat and ask a question and members and Kyle and Carson will help you find the answer. You will get specific information when you want it. You won'[t have to wait for  some email reply to get an answer.

This Open Education Project is bringing many new people to the Wealthy Affiliate site. You can drop right in and take a look around and give it a try.

If you will click on the link, it will be my recommendation for you to be welcomed at Wealthy Affiliate University. Just CLICK HERE!


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