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jtj04jtjpicI joined Wealthy Affiliate on May 29, 2008. You can read my profile if you like. I’m known as tjbooks: Click Here! My  profile will show what I tell new members to WAU.

Wealthy Affiliate was started by Kyle and Carson some years ago. Each had worked his way through college by marketing on the Internet. Like many Internet marketers, they decided to show others how to do it.

Carson and Kyle are not the only ones to work their way through college by marketing on the Internet. Mark Ling is a good example.

Mark saw that a friend was making about $50.00 a month just by having a banner on his web page. Mark asked if he could do the same thing. Soon, he was hiring English majors to write pages for him and he ended up with many profitable sites. He said that was a  lot better than making $5.00 delivering pizza. Mark Ling is a New Zealander.


Mark also teaches Internet (affiliate) marketing at Affilorama. There is a lot of free information on Mark’s site and it is very useful to marketers.

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy is an online university and is called Wealthy Affiliate University. It is a university because:

1. It charges a monthly tuition of $47.00 or whatever you started with because it never rises after you join. The annual tuition is a much better way to go and the only way I have ever paid. It comes out less than $25.00 a month. A Lifetime Starter Membership is Free and teaches you how to make money on the Internet and helps you build two (2) free websites. It also teaches you how to earn your membership as I have done for four years. Kyle will show you all about that in the video.

2. It teaches online courses that will show you how to chose a market, how to build a website, how to add content to your website and how to draw a continuous stream of traffic.

3. Tutoring is available to to all members on Chat. You can also ask a question in a question box at the top of each page and get the postings and tutorials you need to move ahead.

4. Members teach members in the Open Education Project. Many post are made each day discussing some aspect of marketing on the Internet.

5. Premium (paid) members have access to all tutorial and they can PM each other for more answers or perhaps just to have a fellow member review a website. Members can earn enough as a free member to become a Premium member in the future.

So you can see that the community of WAU is very much like a regular university except the tuition is much lower. A one-year subscription cost less than many 3-hour university courses.

You can earn commissions as a free member by promoting WAU. Your commissions will be doubled when you become a Premium member.

toolboxI suggest you watch Kyle’s video and go from there. Give the program a try as a Free member and if you see a future, quickly upgrade to Premium member paying annually if at all possible to save half of your annual tuition.


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