2014 Wealthy Affiliate University Review and Ranking

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Introduction: Why WAU is free to me.

I joined Wealthy Affiliate University on May 29, 2008. I have always paid annually to save about half the tuition. I pay the same tuition now as I did when I started as it never goes up for a member.

Also, being a member of WAU has never cost me a penny. I have promoted membership over the years and I gain a commission is some one joins. Recently, I started to add to this fund by promoting the WAU Affiliate Keyword Tool called JAAXY. I have a site on JAXXY if you want to see how great this tool is.

So I earn several times the annual tuition just by promoting WAU memberships and JAAXY.

To be an affiliate of WAU you need to be either a free member or a Premium member. A premium member gets double commissions.

About Me

Hi, my name is John. I was raised in Utah but after college my wife of over 60 years, Pat, lived in Colorado, Pennsyvania (Pittsburgh and later, York), California, New Jersey and Arizona. We now live in Buhl, Idaho.

I retired over 20 years ago. I was an R & D and Engineering executive for a Fortune 500 company. I was once an engineering professor at ISU (Ames, Iowa) and the editor of an international engineering magazine.

So, I’m a has been!

I started marketing on the Internet when I retired. I grew up with computers so I was always interested in what to do with them. Over the years I have learned a few things about earning money on the Internet.

Pat is infirm, but we have five (5) children, two doctors, an RN and professional artist who is married to a doctor, a veterinarian and a lawyer. The have given us 35 grand-kids and they are in turn bringing us dozens of great grandchildren. I feel like Abraham.

How I Learned to Market on the Internet

Over the years I have learned to earn on the Internet from various people. One was a young man who sold auto parts on the Internet and told others how to do it. He unfortunately was killed in an automobile crash in Southern California a few weeks after his wedding. Very sad indeed. When he died, so did his business.

It is very common for Internet trainers to have converted to training from marketing. But most of them still keep their hand in marketing. Some so-called trainers are just scam artist who sucker you into their sales funnel and drain you dry without training you at all. When you see and ad that says, “I made $37,897.35 in only 36 hours,” RUN!

The guy is probably telling you a big fib but if he is not, then he just sent a new offer to this humongous mailing list which you don’t have.

Internet Marketing Trainers That I Trust

Chris Carpenter: Chris has some very inexpensive one-cost programs with full details on how to market on the Internet. He lives in my home state in Park City but he has a home in Baja, CA where he surfs when not working. He likes to ski too. Watch the exciting videos that he sent me this week. Fun! Star Rating ****

Mark LIng: Mark Ling was going to college in New Zealand when he saw the a friend was making $50.00 a month from a single banner on his website. He asked his friend if he could try it and was given permission. $50.00 was what Mark earned for working 10 hours delivering pizza. Star Rating ****

Mark set up a site and sure enough, he was soon earning $50.00 each month. He decided that if he had 10 such sites, he would make $500.00 each month and that if he had 100 sites, he would make $5000,00 each month. That sounded good to Mark.

He hired college English students, setting up a place where they could work. That is how he earned all his cost for college.

Mark’s dad was a statistician for the NZ government. He soon found that he could make more money marketing so Mark taught his father how to do it. He has been teaching how to do it ever since.

Mark has a site called Affilorama. There you will find all kinds of free information on how to market on the Internet.

Carson and Kyle: Kyle and Carson were college students in British Columbia where they now live. The were both Internet marketers and that is how they learned their college expenses. Later they met and started teaching others how to Learn to Earn on the Internet. That evolved in 2005 to Wealthy Affiliate University. Star Rating *****affil prog Kyle Chat head 1 head 2 jaaxy affil Kyle Chat new member post tutorial head 1 head 2 Kyle Chat head 1

WAU is the Top-Rated Site to Learn Internet Marketing. It has all the training and tools and free tutoring to succeed. I call it The Place to Learn to Earn.

You can start your Free Training and build 2 Free Website right now: CLICK HERE!

The world of Internet Marketing has changed dramatically recently with new site rating criteria by Google which the other search engines and web-masters have had to follow.

Some folks were put out of business overnight when their website was chucked in the proverbial Google trash can. Sites with relevant information rather than junk survived. WA has had to keep up with these trends.

Since my first review, WA added free hosting and WordPress functions to create in a very short time the web pages and blogs you need . The website hosting is unlimited and I have a number of sites hosted there. I save a considerable sum of money using this reliable service.

Finding keywords to use in your writing of articles and web pages and such, is a snap with the free WAU keyword tool.

I could tell you how WAU is less expensive than buying college credits, how great the owners are about giving free tutoring, about the great community and about the new tools coming to WAU.

But it better for you to go to the site and actually see the BENEFITS of being a member of WAU rather than listen to this old men who never seem to know when to shut up. Enjoy Kyle’s video. You will learn that there are two memberships. The Free Membership is good for life and will give you the information you need to get started with two (2) free websites. You will be able to get answers to questions on Chat with Kyle and Carson often giving you a hand.

With the Premium Membership, you will have as many free websites as you like and you will have free hosting for all your domains. This has more than covered my hosting cost for years.

As a Premium member, you will be a full-commission affiliate with access to Private Messaging with members and Kyle and Carson. You will  have access to all tutorial too. If there is anything you want to know about marketing on the Internet, it is there.

I write often for WAU. I post and write tutorials. You can always find my stuff by going to my tjbooks bio.

I do hope you will join me at Wealthy Affiliate UniversityThe Place to Learn to Earn. I may need your help as you pass this old man by.

Make some friends at Wealthy Affiliate University. Visit Us TODAY! 

You can start by joining our community FREE as a Start-up Member forever. Yes. a lifelong membership  with no cost or obligation to advance to a premium member. You will get two free websites and tons of training all for free. You can earn enough to pay for an annual membership then upgrade if and when you like.

I suggest that you join for a full year to reduce your cost dramatically and to make sure you are committed to the task of marketing on the Internet.

 Yes, you can start your Free Training and build 2 Free Website right now: CLICK HERE!


John T. Jones, Ph.D., Buhl, ID tjbooks@yahoo.com

Internet Marketing Success!
Wealthy Affiliate the most wide array of Internet marketing resources available in the World. From advertising techniques, to finding the right audiences, and choosing HOT products that sell like crazy, to 1-on-1 mentoring and coaching by Kyle and Carson. Wealthy Affiliate has everything you need to make money online.

P.S. You can if you like subscribe to JAAXY, the best keyword in the business of affiliate marketing without joining WAU. I use JAAXY because it has some advantages over the WAU keyword tool. In fact, I love JAAXY. It was developed by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate University, my friends Kyle and Carson.

Questions? Email me!


P.S. Watch Kyle’s video: Click Here!

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  1. Corey Pewhairangi

    Affiliate Marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. And it is pretty simple how it works. As an affiliate marketer you are simply matching people with products. Or I like to look at it as giving them the answer to a question they are searching for on the internet.


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