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There are so many scams in this world of Internet marketing that skim off the capital of Affiliate marketing beginners and then leave them high and dry and stop them from earning the money they need for education or family or retirement and such.

They get started on the wrong foot.

They sell nothing at all.

They quit with that bad taste in their mouth.

It is very sad because affiliate marketing or marketing other products on the Internet is a way to make money. However most sites don’t tell you how to do it. I suggest that you stay away from the scams and stick with those that have a proven record of Internet Marketing success by selling on the Internet, not some scam artist with a scheme that simply takes money out of your pocket and sticks it into his pocket.

Note: I only promote what I own and use.

Here is how I suggest you start:

Mark Ling: Affilorama

Mark Ling was a college student in New Zealand. He learned that a friend was making, as I remember, $50 a month on his web site. That was ten (10) hours of work for poor college student Mark, delivering pizza. The income came because the fellow had a banner on his site advertising posters.

You can read the story but the bottom line was that Mark figured if he could do the same, he would not have to work so many hours.

Mark’s dad was a statistician for the New Zealand government. He did not have all the money that Mark needed for college. Just as I had to work in college, so did Mark.

Anyway, Mark made a similar website and started to make a little money. So he made more websites. Then he decided he could not keep up with all the writing that needed to be done so he hired English majors to write content for new websites. Pretty soon he was making money, enough to pay for his college expenses.

His father joined him later to earn money for his retirement.

This type of story is common among the top people I know in this business. But there is more. Mark was asked by students first how he was making so much money. So he set up a site to tell them.

Just to regress, my friend, Corey Rudl, who was killed in a race track accident in California some years back right after getting married, sold auto parts and wrote a book for auto buyers on the Internet. His friends asked him how they could make money. He put out what I called his Nine Pound Wonder which I bought a couple of times teaching the basics of Internet marketing. Corey was one of the first gurus and he sold all kinds of products to Internet marketers, many of which make things easier but they didn’t need at startup.

What I like about Mark Ling is that he honestly wants to help others get started and he has tons of free instruction on his site which is exactly what new marketers need. Nothing is cheaper than free.

Also, he has some great interviews on is site, the best of which is with my friend, Ryan Moran. So you can go to Affilorama and get an education for free. Then if you want to try one of his products, you can try it out under his unconditional guarantee. CLICK HERE TO VISIT AFFILORAMA!

Travis: Blue Collar Marketing

Travis, a southern boy who likes to fish and play the guitar, has always been successful as a bum marketer. That is what his wife calls his method.

Ryan Moran, a good friend of mine who is going to be another Steve Jobs, has joined with Travis in a product they call Blue Collar Marketing. It cost $47.00 and tells you how to build small web sites, collect names, and how to get folks to look at a site, usually the vendor’s site, that has a video.

More important it will tell you how to drive targeted traffic to your site using small low-cost ads which from my experience is more effective than using article writing, a system pushed by so many gurus. Buying small ads is so much safer than using PPC (pay-per-click) for beginners.

So you might consider taking a look at Blue Collar Marketing just to watch the genius Ryan Moran in action. CLICK HERE FOR BLUE COLLAR MARKETING.

Now doesn’t Ryan look like Tyler Lautner? Ryan Has Produced a New Program for Beginners and Old Timers: FREEDOM FORMULA 8 This program is terrific in that it shows you how to pick fast-selling products in an instant and how to use the resources of other marketers for low-cost traffic. A terrific program.  It cost the same as Blue Collar Marketing, $47.  Click Here for this alternative.

Carson and Kyle at Wealthy Affiliate

I use to think this was the place for beginners. Now I think it is the place for Intermediates even though many successful Internet marketers had started here. But that was back when the price was lower. It is now $47 / month. It is well worth the price if you are really committed to Internet marketing and willing to put in at least 20 hours a week. For those already working it can meant time on the weekends and in the evenings away from the family.

Start with the Free lifetime startup membership. You can become Premium later when you can afford the monthly cost of $47 or the annual cost which is about half the price.

Carson and Kyle are Canadian lads who also earned their college expenses by Internet marketing while in college. Later they joined together to start Wealthy Affiliate University where I am a top rated member because of some of the things I have done on the site (training, etc.)

I am not one of the top money makers being retired and not interested in money so much as I am other things like taking care of my wife who has ALZ.

It has never cost me a cent to be a member. They never raise the monthly dues you pay after you join so I’m paying less than current new members and I also pay annually which saves be another big chunk of money. This is paid by the earnings I make by being an affiliate of WAU which all and only members are.

Also, hosting is free at WAU and since I have been running about 30 sites it saves me money there. But, recently I have been making much more than enough to pay the dues, so I am in fat city as far as WAU goes.

Still, $47 / month is just an added bill that some new members can’t pay. And they don’t have enough money to join annually to save the money. They are in a rock and a hard place.

I do recommend that all affiliate marketers join WAU when they can see the way to do it. If they can borrow enough for the annual payment, then they are just borrowing for a short time to earn money, the education they need to be successful.

I guess a guy could cut a couple of lawns once a month to pay his dues. There are other ways to raise that kind of money. I think I put that much change in my coin jar because I never spend change. But it is not easy for some people to get the money for WAU unless they find some easy way to raise the monthly tuition (which is a lot cheaper than most college courses.)

I’ll tell you a secret. I use JAAXY a lot. It is the premier affiliate marketing keyword tool, essential to my marketing. It is much better than some of the free and commercial keyword tools for affiliate marketers.

Because I pay JAAXY a monthly fee for the use of the keyword tool, I am an affiliate which pays for the tool and may soon pay for the cost of WAU too. You have NOW, 30 free searches on JAAZY.

What you get at Wealthy Affiliate University is the Open Education Project where we members teach each other about marketing on the Internet.

Open Chat lets us members talk to each other and help each other with problems. These two additions to WAU have been a blessing to me in more than one way. First, you can make some money by writing tutorials. And second you get instant answers to questions.

And, like I said, I like the free hosting, not because it is free but because it is reliable, always being improved, and because I no longer have to use HTML to build a website because WAU has a WordPress interface.

So, sooner or later you will want to be a member of WAU.


Watch for me on chat: tjbooks Tutorials and Blog Post I Published at WAU

Click Here to read my tutorials or post at WAU.

Chris Carpenter’s Profit from Your Passion Blueprint

Mark Ling told me about this and I have been discussing this with Chris because I have an interest in producing my own products to sell on the Internet. I own this course because of that and because I don’t try to promote products that I am no using and find useful.

I might add here and now that his course is the most comprehensive and thorough stand-alone course I own. I’m still going through the video lessons and it is taking many hours but I’m learning more than ever. Also, Chris Carpenter is a great help to me an it cost me nothing to email him and get an answer if I need it.

I have not yet written my product, just a free eBook, but it is amazing that what I have learned part way through the course, information much more valuable than the $47 I paid.

To tell you the truth, I’m amazed at the course and the bonus materials of which there are many. I also have found this course to be excellent for affiliate marketing. It takes your passions and interest to keep you interested for the long haul to create your business.

Chris does not omit affiliate marketing because that can generate profits on any website, but he wants you to stay focused and interested so that you can gain a lifestyle that fits your desires. He also focuses on daily income rather than “my goal is to make a million.”

It is better to set a goal to generate say $300 each day or $100 each day, whatever your wants and needs are. Then you know how much you have to sell.

You can take your annual income goal and divide it by 365 to get your daily goal. A $100   daily average would generate you $36,500.00 each year. And there are so many sources to use to help you gain your goals.

You will gain a great new vision about marketing on the Internet. Click Here to see what’s up with Profit from Your Passions Blueprint! Join My Email Instruction:


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

PS: Free Entrepreneur Certification Course-10 Lessons.


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