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4193151-cartoon-detective--vector-illustrationWhy Google Rankings Are Important

Kyle at WAU reported the following:

The Top 3 positions in the rankings on Google get 61% of ALL search traffic:

Position #1: 32.5%

Position #2: 17.5%

Position #3: 11%

And then by position 5, these traffic numbers really start to drop, dipping below the 5% level.

If you rank on the first page of Google,  you have a chance to get some hits, maybe even on the second page. But after that, Rots of Ruck!

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Why Most Affiliate Marketers Don’t Make Money

You know the answer to that. They don’t get high enough rankings on the search engines for keywords. First the keywords need to be the keywords that a high percentage of searchers are using. A keyword that is not really a keyword is useless. You can’t get traffic if no traffic exist.

Why Affiliate Marketers Should Use JAAXY

JAAXY is the keyword tool designed for affiliate marketers. You will get more accurate results then with other keywords tool and this is very important. You will know what the competition is. You will know if domains are available and you will also know what affiliate programs are available.

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Set your goal to be finding the right keywords, using the in your blogs and articles and on your web pages and publicizing your stuff on the social networks.


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