What Is the Best Way to Make Money on the Internet?


The following table gives brief descriptions of a few ways to make money on the Internet. You might take a peek at the table before I ramble on about how to make money on the Internet.

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The Gurus

Every day thousands of people go to the Internet to to learn how to make money. Your objective usually is to be able to sit at their computer at home and bring in a bundle each day. They are not looking to start an Internet business. They are looking to have a business plopped in their lap.

I have never seen that work for anybody despite what the gurus say.

The gurus get you into their funnel by giving you a worthless e-book.

Then they start selling to you because now they have your email address which they required when they offered you the book.

After they’ve taken what they can from you by holding you upside down and shaking you by the heals to get the last coins out of your pocket, they still will tempt you with more crappy products that will do nothing for you.

Finally, they will offer to give you special tutoring that will surely make you rich.

disappointedThat’s When the Big Disappointment Comes

Of the many hundreds of people that I’ve talked to who are trying to make a buck on the Internet, almost all of them have been cut by the gurus. Some have been drained of thousands of dollars.

It’s not their fault. They didn’t realize that the gurus are your competition if you’re trying to make money on the Internet. It’s not often that you get benefits from your competition.

money to burnSome Folks Are Making a Lot of Money on Internet

I’ve met a lot of people who make a good living from the Internet. What is characteristic of them is that they know that they are in business.

Most of them have their own products.

Most of themselves have their own sites.

They know that traffic is everything, because with no traffic, there is no income.

Most of them have a mailing list. That way they can stay in contact with their customers and tell them of new developments.

They all are respected by their customers and accept their recommendations.

yum 3An Easy Way to Get Your Foot in the Door

My granddaughters make baby hats and wigs. They have about a dozen employees and help them make them. We family members get wrapped up in it too when they are busy. Jenni does the design work and Lucy runs the business. They sell their products on ETSY but they are building their own website.

When I first started marketing on the Internet, I used the site at http://www.bizhosting.com/?affID=3355 The site was very easy to use and I got good traffic. I sold many thousands of books and they were all drop shipped by my friend in New York.

I then started selling flagpoles on my own site, then I did fairly well for a long time.

My son has his own sites. He is a vet but has 15 children. He recently sold one of his sites where he sold flutes. Now he’s in the herb business selling his books and courses. In both cases, he started with a mailing list so we have instant traffic. He gathers more clients when he lectures throughout the West.

It’s Great to Have Your Own Products

If you can create your own products or if you can sell products that vendors will drop ship to your customers, that is a good way to make some money in this business. It is by far the best to create your own products. You don’t only have to sell your products from your website, you can put them on Amazon where they will be placed in front of millions of viewers.

Also now days, a lot of marketers are finding manufactures will make special products for them which Amazon will stock, ship and handle customer relations such as returns and complaints. A number of gurus have shifted to this method of making money on the Internet.

You might be able to find products right at your own back door. My wife’s caregiver has a son who makes key ring holders. In fact, not too long ago, he made them in my kitchen using some of my tools. He has them on ETSY and I suggested that he visit local woodworkers to increase the supply.

We have a company in town who has a lot of beehives and sell honey. I’m sure I could go down there and have him bottle honey under my brand name. I would do it if I wasn’t so old and lazy.

There is a lady in our town who owns fields of lavender from which she makes lavender oil, lotions and cosmetics. I thought about marketing or products but she already had a website, and back then, was making $80,000 a year on the web alone.

Ebay and Etsy

You can set up a store on eBay, or other sites, where you can sell your products. I even have a store at Etsy because my granddaughter decided I needed one. We have a lot of stuff around here that I need to sell. I would give it away, as I have the already given two truckloads away, but these things I don’t want to get busted up in a thrift store.

This morning, I shipped a wood carving from Haiti that I bought some years ago, to Australia. I have sold a number of things to the same customer and I think that she must have a store.

On eBay, you usually put your item up for bid. Then you accept the highest bidder if it is a above the price restrictions that you put on it. You do the shipping and you handle customer relations.

When you sell on eBay or Etsy, you can easily find products to put in your store or to put up for bid. Yard sales are good place as our thrift stores. You can also watch the newspaper ads and such to find products. When I sold books on the Internet on a Alibris.com, I often picked up a collection of books for $.10 apiece. One such book I sold $150.00. When I moved to Idaho from Arizona, I really didn’t have room for all that many books. So I gave the business to the Boy Scouts.

Drop Shipping

I have mentioned your drop shipping. There are a number of companies that will help you get into this business and I have always rather dealt with individual companies who drop ship. Once you put a middleman between you and your supplier, you have lost your competitive edge.

If you can think of that kind of products that you want to sell then you can always go to Thomas Registry to find them. Then you can contact companies to see if any will drop ship for you.

Promoting Other People’s Products

When you promote other peoples products, your are an affiliate marketer in most cases. Companies have affiliate programs for affiliates do a lot of the promoting. Notice that I said, “promoting,” not selling. It is the vendor’s job to do the selling, the collection of monies, the shipping of the product, and the customer relations.

If you get into this business, you will want to look at the sales page of the vendor. You also should purchase the product, asking the vendor for a discount or a free sample. Then you can recommend the product firsthand. You will be the expert. That is essential in Internet marketing.

Vendors with affiliate programs are very easy to find. Just write down the name of the product plus affiliate program in your browser search window.

Amazon.com has the oldest affiliate program and also the largest. I am such an affiliate. On the site that I use that affiliation, I don’t have a lot of traffic, it’s so I did not make a lot of money over the Christmas season. Having said that, I know a lot of people who did make a lot of money during this holiday season.

banner WA Free MembershipTraining in Affiliate Marketing

I am an Ambassador for Wealthy Affiliate University. That means that I do a lot of training over there trying to help new members get going in marketing. You can join Wealthy Affiliate at no charge. They will give you two free websites and they will host it for you. They will also train you to do affiliate marketing.

To get all of the benefits at Wealthy Affiliate, you need to be a Premium Member. The fee is $47 a month, a large fee for many of us. You can reduce the fee dramatically by paying annually. If you went over there for six months. It would still be paying less than what a horse cost of our junior-college here in Idaho. In that time you have access to all of the tutorials, be able to host your websites there and build as many free sites as you like, and get answers to your questions.

The training at wealthy affiliate is pretty rigid had you must learn the material to succeed. The hard part is finding a niche market. A niche market is part of a large market where people have certain needs and are willing to pay for them. You need to join a niche market first. If you were cut from the outside, that doesn’t work. You need to know the people in your market and what their needs are. You need to be able to find products or create products that will help them with their problems. If you are able to do this, you can make a lot of money.

Just so you know that if you click on my link here and go to Wealthy Affiliate and later become a premium member, I will get a commission. I have never had to pay for Wealthy Affiliate because I receive enough commissions to pay for my membership annually.

Wealthy affiliate also has a program called JAAXY which is a keyword tool for affiliate marketers. I am a member of JAAXY so I also get commissions because I promote their product.

I did have about 30 websites hosted at wealthy affiliate all at no cost. I still have a belly doesn’t sites that I work. If I were to host my sites elsewhere, it would cost me money.

Will Wealthy Affiliate Guarantee Me an Income From the Internet?

There are different kinds of people who come to wealthy affiliate. There are the tire kickers who come just to see what the site looks like. There are those who think that they are going to get a step-by-step get rich scheme and when they don’t, they leave. Some come along for a while but when they need to pay for further training, they can’t always come up with the cash. Some make enough money as free members to become Premium.

Some Premium members fail. The reason is usually that they took shortcuts from the training and never were able to build a site and attract traffic to it. Sometimes they select a niche market that is really not a true niche. Competition gets all the action.

Wealthy Affiliate is a community of marketers. To be successful, you need not only to follow the training, but you need to mingle with the members and be part of the community. You need to ask questions.

Making Money from an Information Site

Being old and senile, I  left this out. An information site is an authority where you provide useful information to people searching for such information on the Internet.  There are two easy ways to make money from such a site once it has sufficient traffic. One is to allow Google and Bing an others to put ads on your site. The other is to have affiliate links on your site.


There are many ways to make money on the Internet. I suggest you go to SBA.gov and prepare a business plan. That is where you should start in my opinion.


John T. Jones, Ph.D.

John T. Jones, Ph.D.

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