FAQs on Internet Marketing

Answers to FAQs on Internet Marketing

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GLOBE GUY1. What is Internet marketing?

Internet marketing is presenting products or services to the gigantic audience that uses the Internet. The United States is the third largest audience. Since the market is so huge, Internet marketers focus on smaller markets called niche markets. They study the needs and wants of certain groups of people who will spend money in that niche for products or services.

2. How can you make money?

The best way to make money on Internet is to sell your own products or products that you have complete control over. However, you can promote other people’s products. But it is the vendors responsibility to sell the products.

banner WA Free Membership3. What is affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is when you promote other people’s products. You choose products from the affiliate networks and commercial sites like Amazon.com. Amazon developed the first affiliate program in the United States. You can promote Amazon products and if a person visiting your site purchases a product of any kind within 24 hours, you will receive a commission. You can also go to affiliate networks such as CJ.com and ClickBank.com. Click but only provides Digital Products. If you join Amazon or other networks, then you’re allowed to promote their products. Most companies have an affiliate manager who will help you promote their products.

4. What is product marketing?

Here I’m talking about products that are not digital, gloves, bicycles, binoculars and such. There are several ways to promote such products. If you promote products from Amazon.com, they will collect the fees, ship the product and handle customer relations.

Some companies will drop ship products for you. Then you will deal directly with the company, handle the orders, collect the fees and handle customer relations. The supplier will take your order and ship it to the customer. Usually the shipper will also allow customer returns. Note that you have to sell the products.

All affiliate networks require you only to promote the product, they do the selling and shipping and money collection and customer relations. If you create your own products, it is up to you to do everything.

5. How can I find non-digital products to market?

The best way is to create products yourself or have them manufactured for you only. That is how we do it in my family. I’m the only one that also does affiliate marketing. If you can contact local companies and have them allow you to promote or sell their products exclusively on the Internet, then you will sell the product, take the orders, collect the money and handle customer relations. You can use the Thomas Registry to find products. You can also have products made and the supplier will ship them directly to Amazon. It is up to you to write the promotion pages on Amazon. Amazon will handle the orders and the customer relations.

6. How do I market on the Internet?

If you’re promoting other people’s products, then you would build a website where you would publish pages and post with information that is relevant to what the members of your niche market need or want. You do not sell the products, you suggest them so that the person will click on your affiliate link and go to the vendors page. For that reason, before you promote any product, look at the vendors page. You should be convinced by the vendor that you should buy the product. In fact you should buy the product or have the vendor give it to you for evaluation. That way you will be able to write the product if you decide to compare products on your website. Also when you are discussing the product, without selling it, you will be able to give a testimony of the product. If the vendor has a video on his site, then you can encourage folks to go look at the video.

WP logo7. How do I build a website?

Most everybody now days uses WordPress to build their sites. However, some prefer to use HTML or other method. First you need a domain name. The domain name should relate to your products or services. You will need to have your domain hosted. Your host will most likely have WordPress established so that you can easily build your site

First, you must decide on a Theme. There are many free themes where you can pay a relatively small fee for a theme that might be more suitable to your site. You will be able to modify your theme so it has the appearance that you want. You will want to write pages that are full of relevant content so that you will establish yourself as an authority in your niche market. Only then will folks trust you and click on your affiliate or product links links.

You will want to keep your site updated by creating pages and post. Post are generally shorter than pages and give recent information rather than basic information on your subject matter.

JAAXY 18. What do I put on my website?

You should put text, images and videos on your website. You can place product reviews on your site. You can put news items relating to your niche. But the main thing that you want to put on your side is information that your readers are looking for when they make a search on the web. Keyword Tools can help you in choosing topics for post and pages. But write naturally. You can’t fool the search engines by cramming in keywords where they don’t belong.

9. How do I get traffic to my website?

To get traffic on your side you need to tell people about it. You can pass out business cards, put banners on your cars, place print ads in publications relating to your next, send emails, notify people of post and pages on the social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. But the main thing that will drive traffic to your site from the search engines is relevant content. You have decent content, you don’t have much else to worry about.

SBA10. What is a business plan?

Internet marketing is part of business. Your business is a niche you are in. We should treat it like any other business. Your business plan will help you to form your principles of operation, finances, production and marketing. You can prepare a business plan by contacting your local Chamber of Commerce, your local educational institutions and even banks. Courses are often offered locally at no cost and they are taught by people who are in or have been in business.

Another way to prepare your business plan is to simply go to SBA.gov and prepare your plan online.

It takes time to build a business. Those who think they’re gonna make money on Internet overnight don’t realize that they are in business. You want to get the right start. Prepare a business plan.

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