Google Webmaster Academy

Google Webmaster Academy

Google and other search engines have a major purpose. It is that they want those who are searching for a specific piece of

How Can I Get Traffic?

How Can I Get Traffic?

information on the Internet find that piece of specific information.

Google ranks sites according to certain criteria. The most important thing is that the site gives relevant information to site visitors. If the visitor wants to know how to grow large carrots, they are not looking for a recipe so they can use the excess carrots from their garden.

Just for the heck of it, put “how to grow large carrots”in your search bar.

Look at the top ranked sites. There may be a couple of paid ads of the top. Ignore them.

Now look at the webpages that follow. They show you how to grow large carrots. There will be a number of videos available that show you the same thing. That is what Google wants and that is what Google gives a high-ranking.

When you are writing pages and post on your website, keep in mind what Google is looking for. There are guidelines for preparing your website and content. You need to read these guidelines. Here is the URL:

Watch this video:

When you write articles or a post for your website, realize that the the visitor will come to your side only if you let him know what is there. Google will look at the request of the searcher. It looks for keywords that it uses to identify certain subjects.

Putting “grow large carrots” in my search bar at the JAAXY keyword tool, I see that there are 32 searches each month, that a first page ranking would bring 6 visitors to your site and that there are 22 competing sites. Even though even though there are only 32 searches each month and only six visitors are expected to your site, the low number of competing sites makes this as what is called “low hanging fruit.”

Web marketers frequently picked such low hanging fruit because of the lack of competition. At times, I write articles on such topics based on keywords research.

Google Webmaster Academy Search

I decided to put “Google Webmaster Academy” in JAXXY. I just did that. The results were to my surprise, 72 searches, 13 visitors and 212 competing site. It get’s the green light from JAAXY because of the low competition. It’s not low hanging fruit, having more than 100 competing sites and fewer than 100 searches, but it is a good topic.

I didn’t look at JAXXY before I started to write this page. I know I should have but my objective was to give you help no matter what. I wanted you to use the information provided in the Google Webmaster Academy to improve your site presents.

I really thought that there would be too much competition, but I didn’t really care. It was not my  to avoid competition. It was my intention to help my visitors, old or new.

Send no money! lol

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