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Soon after the Internet was set up to handle technical communications between the government and universities and other sources, entrepreneurs saw it as a venue for selling.

My friend, Corey Rudl, was one of those who sold a auto buying guide which is still available online today. He also sold auto parts. Friends asked him how to sell on the Internet and that made him millionaire as he marketing his what I call the Nine Pound Wonder, a guide to Internet Marketing.

Sadly, Corey was killed a few years back on a race track accident in California shortly after taking a new bride.

Today there are two major ways of marketing. You can sell hard products like I do at or you can market other people’s products from one or more web sites.

Here is how Affiliate Marketers work:

1. They find a niche by going to, or Or they just dream up a niche from their own experience or by just looking around them. A niche is a group of hungry buyers who have the niche interest. Well, that is one definition. Some niches are two broad to be called niches. These are usually avoided. Stamp collecting would be broad. Stamps of the Original 13 Colonies would be more restrictive. There is less competition in small niches.

2. Once a niche has been found, or while looking for a niche, a keyword search is made. I use JAAXY because it not only finds keywords, it tells me how competitive they are, helps me find a domain name and list available affiliate programs.

3. A domain is purchased and hosted. I purchase domains at but there are lots of other places. I host my domains at Wealthy Affiliate University because it is part of their service but you can host at Godaddy or some other site. I use to host at Godaddy until I could get the “free” hosting at WAU. My son still hosts at Godaddy. The domain should be .com, .net, or .org, no others.
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4. After the domain is active, a website is created. There are plenty of free editors available. I use Coffeecup for somethings but I use almost exclusively WordPress. There are plenty of WP sites but you might just go to  the site. I have WP “free” at WAU so I just use that. You will want these pages:

About: About you and your company.

Privacy: Saying how you handle incoming names and email addresses, etc. I simply say that I don’t give, sell, rent or in anyway give such information to a third party. Search engines will be looking for this page.

Index.html: This is the home page and should be what your readers are looking for. With WP you can call this page whatever you want but you will make sure it loads first.

Blog: Just create the page called blog using WP. Do nothing else but give it the title “Blog” and have it listed after your home page using the “reading” section of WP.

Other Pages: Add pages as your little heart desires.

5. Select Products and Affiliate Programs. You can have your own products, best, products you have an exclusive on, next best, other people’s products for which you are an affiliate. On your web pages write relevant information for the members of your niche. Do not try to sell products if you are just an affiliate. Just give great information that the search engines will love. Put your affiliate link at the end of the article. It will be up to the vendor to sell the product, not you. (So make sure you study vendor pitch pages. Would they convince you to buy. I suggest that you own the product so you will know exactly what your customers are getting.)

6. Send Folks to Your Site: No traffic means no sales.Write articles. Blog. Go to forums and comment using your site link. Your will want to use a list provider like AWeber to collect names and handle your mailings and newsletter. Mail to your email list. And now days, use Social Marketing. Make sure you have the Social Marketing active on your WP site.

Well, that is it in a nut shell.


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