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You may not like this book for some reason but it is free.

You may not like this book for some reason but it is free.

You Can Use An Online Income System…BUT!

Connie Brentford wrote Make Money Online which describes 97 companies that will pay you to work at home. These jobs average about $15 per hour with a range of $10-$25 per hour.

Connie Brentford’s books focus on showing readers how to create a freedom lifestyle while working from home or traveling. As a digital nomad she’s has traveled the world full-time, making online income for over nine years.

She’s been published in numerous online publications and featured in US print magazines as a consultant for blogs that focus on self-publishing, freelance writing, online business, social media and the location independent lifestyle.

She’s has been dubbed “America’s Work From Home Expert” by Woman’s World Magazine.

The companies she describes in detail require a quiet place to work, special considerations for your phone, and sometimes a requirement for fast typing speeds. You may be required to work certain hours for a certain number of hours per week.

Work assignments are varied. It could be a customer service agent or a telemarketer.

The book is free on Amazon in the Kindle store. There are many other such books you can choose from. Some reviewers say that is a good idea.

Customer Reviews

About half of the readers give this book a five star rating. There are many who rated it as one star.

Top Customer Review (Typical)

5.0 out of 5 stars Do Some Detective Work and Google the Author’s Name
By Leafy800 on November 13, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
These books about making money from home are getting very popular and they are attracting knock-off artists.

I did a bit of digging and found out Connie Brentford is a pro who writes books about making money online because she actually does it.

97 Real Companies That Pay You to Work in Your Pajamas is loaded with excellent, actionable information that saved me dozens of hours of research and vetting online. It provides solid advice you might not have thought of yourself. It’s a great value for three bucks. (I love e-books!)

Do yourself a favor and Google the author’s name for any of these self-help titles before you buy them. You’ll discover many “authors” have zero online presence or accessibility and have just created copycat titles of the popular ebooks. You’ll also find the real pros who have busy, informative blogs on the same topic as their ebooks, active Facebook pages and helpful Twitter feeds.

My advice is to buy from the ones who can continue to help you and not from the knock-off artists who know nothing about the book’s subject but only how to game the Amazon rating system.

Negative Review (Typical)

1.0 out of 5 stars Don’t Ignore the Bad Reviews!
By Ian Barti on August 26, 2012
Format: Kindle Edition
This short booklet had a nice cover and a thorough and well written description so I ignored the bad reviews and bought it. While the author spent a lot of time on the cover and description to sell you the book the book itself was extremely short (think done in a few minutes) and added no extra value. All of the information here could be found completely free and in much more detail on Google in less time then it takes to read this booklet that simply acts as a kind of ad for the author’s other books. DO NOT MAKE MY MISTAKE AND IGNORE THE BAD REVIEWS! Avoid this book like the plague!

My Suggestion

Grab this or one of the other such books on Amazon, find out what companies interest you, and then research the individual companies yourself.

My Conclusion

To me, these jobs are very much like regular day jobs. Although some of them pay commissions on sales, with most of them, you are stuck with an hourly wage. There is not much future in that.


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