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Building a website with providing relevant information on a subject you know is a great way to make an impact on the Internet. The search engines are looking for new content, relevant to those looking for specific information. You must become the expert and continually update the information on the site. A static site does not generate interest and the search engines will consider it dead as a door nail.

What is your main interest in life. Can you continually generate new information on that topic. I’m talking about adding pages to your site, your information site, and posting to the site several times a week.

I’m talking about having a form to gather email addresses on the index page of your site as a minimum. I’m talking about writing to your list perhaps every week but sooner if you have hot information.

Videos are great attention getters. Pics are great too. So use them when you can.

Can you keep a “Chummy” profile that lets you to be a friend to all? Why not? It will help  your cause.

Can you find a few information sites on the Internet to study. Take a peek. See how they are presenting information and products.


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